Princesse K

Bob Théâtre (FR)

Jewel Tale


This is the story of a pretty princess and her two brothers who live in a pretty castle surrounded by a pretty forest in a pretty country inhabited by nice people… Her parents, the king and queen, are close to the people and open minded. Life is good there, the climate is mild, the nature generous, the birds shimmering, the bears good fellows…
But then… 


Bob Théâtre is back at the Maboule Festival! Hilarious, uproarious, to cry with laughter, to laugh until you weep and choke with delight!



Création et mise en scène : Cédric Hingouët

Interprétation : Nathalie Le Flanchec

Production : Scopitone & Cie

Diffusion : Hectores


Saturday 17 december at 4 and 7 pm
Sunday 18 december at 3.30 and 5.45 pm

For who?

from 8 years old


Salle St-Martin


50 min

How much?

11€ - 10€ (presale)

langue des signes LSF

17 december, 18 december, indoor