Gouffa Boucle d’or

Puppet Crash Test (BE)

Fresh out of the workshop, two puppets will make their first steps on stage! It won’t be fully completed shows but it will look close enough. Two daredevil puppeteers, companions of the TOF, will take part in this playful exercise.


Céline Robaszynski / Gouffa Boucle d’or



For a few years, Céline took part in creations of the TOF Theatre as scenography assistant and has performed several times in Les Bénévoles, Piccoli Sentimenti, Bistouri, etc. Rumor has it that her kitchen is often transformed into a puppet workshop. For this crash test, she shares with us the fruit of her quibbles and brings one of her characters to life.



Création et mise en scène : Cédric Hingouët

Interprétation : Nathalie Le Flanchec

Production : Scopitone & Cie

Diffusion : Hectores


Saturday 17 december at 6 and 7 pm
Sunday 18 december at 5 and 6 pm

For who?

All public from 8 years old


Au café de La Lanterne (upstairs)


10 min

How much ?


17 december, 18 december, indoor, Puppet Crash Test